The attorneys at Velasquez Dolan Arias, P.A. have been helping injured workers file workers' compensation claims and obtain workers' compensation benefits for over 24 years. We assist individuals who suffer on the job injuries with their claims so they are able to maintain their way of life. We are interested in returning you to optimal health and maintaining your family's financial security.

The work place can be an extremely dangerous environment.  Many types of accidents can and do occur in different ways and settings including, but not limited to:

1.  Slip and fall  
2.  Trip and fall
3.  Lifting activities 
3.  Motor vehicle operation
4.  Machinery or equipment operation
5.  Falls from heights
6.  Electrical shock
7.  Construction sites
8.  Bus accidents
9.  Truck accidents
10. Tractor-trailer accidents

Regardless of who was at fault for your accident and resulting injuries you are entitled to worker's compensation benefits. Please allow the attorneys at VDA to aggressively pursue benefits on your behalf and ensure you receive the proper medical treatment and lost wages. Many workers fear losing their jobs if they file a workers' compensation claim. There may be legal ramifications your employer faces for terminating your employment due to your work place accident.  


At Velasquez Dolan, P.A., we strive to provide the best representation possible to all our clients from the individuals with simple sprain/strain injuries to those suffering from catastrophic injuries.  Please call for a free legal consultation at your home, hospital or in one of our offices conveniently located in South Florida. 


$4,000,000 Settlement

During years of representation, litigated and secured permanent total disability, attendant care, and other benefits leading to recent lump sum settlement   (OJCC#99-005008*) (2016). 

$1,200,000 Settlement

After Trial Court awarded compensability of seizures suffered 8 years post-head trauma accident, awarded related treatment, awarded reimbursement of medical expenses and awarded expenses of assisted living facility for 65 year old male, Guardian authorized a washout settlement which was negotiated and obtained from the employer/insurance carrier. (OJCC#02-019000*) (2015). 

$932,000 Settlement

Years after successfully litigating and obtaining compensability for unique medical conditions caused by treatments for original accident related injuries, along with securing Permanent Total Disability benefits, client authorized a washout settlement which was negotiated and obtained from employer/insurance carrier. (OJCC#03-044498*) (2015). 

$1,800,000 Settlement

After Trial Court awarded Permanent Total Disability and attendant care benefits the 54 year old client authorized a washout settlement which was negotiated and obtained from the employer/insurance carrier. (OJCC#09-017509*) (2014).

$1,300,000 Settlement

After years of representation securing cervical and knee surgeries, Permanent Total Disability, home modifications, etc. for 58 year old client, settlement authority was obtained from employer/insurance carrier. (OJCC#95-011838*) (2012).

$1,200,000 Settlement

Trial Judge ordered employer/self insured department store to provide significant medical and lost wage benefits later resulting in receipt of Permanent Total Disability and attendant care benefits and then lump sum settlement desired by 72 year old client.  (OJCC#07-009007*) (2012).

$925,000 Settlement

59 year old suffering from head trauma was receiving claimed Permanent Total Disability and family member attendant care benefits and subsequently obtained desired lump sum settlement (OJCC#08-014250*) (2012).

*The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which past results and testimonials have been provided. All past results of cases handled by the Firm are not provided and not all clients have given testimonials. The past results and testimonials provided are not necessarily representative of past results obtained by the Firm or of the experience of all clients or others with the Firm. Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.

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