$14,500,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Verdict with punitive damages for a foreign-born ex-smoker who suffered facial disfigurement.

$4,000,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement

During years of representation, litigated and secured permanent total disability, attendant care, and other benefits leading to recent lump sum settlement.

$2,750,000 Aviation Litigation Verdict

Awarded to parents of a 31 year old single female who perished on board American Airline airplane that crashed against a mountain range near Cali, Colombia. Federal Southern District Court of Florida.

$2,350,000 Wrongful Death Verdict

Awarded to a mother of 36 year old single male who was bicycling at night along U.S.1 and was struck and killed by an 18 wheeler. Miami Dade Circuit Court.


Team Wins $14.5 Million Verdict for Broward Smoker

Kenyan families of Ethiopian crash

victims to sue

ABC News


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Map Depicting Aviation Accidents Represented by Carlos A. Velasquez

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